Ensuring the highest standards of Customer Care

Customer Care

Walker Profiles is committed to the highest standards of customer care – a commitment that is backed up by a comprehensive policy, code of conduct and complaints procedure.


Performance Monitoring

To ensure that our customers are satisfied with the products and services we supply, we carry out careful quality assurance checks and post-installation inspections. Where appropriate we also ask our customers to complete and sign a Customer Satisfaction Record. In this way any issues regarding quality of workmanship and/or materials are raised and addressed immediately.

Code of Conduct

Our Employee Code of Conduct sets exacting standards for all of our employees when dealing with clients, tenants and the general public.

Minimising Nuisance

Where there is any likelihood of anybody being inconvenienced by our work, we make every effort to establish contact with them and make sure that any disruptions are kept at a minimum.

Complaints Procedure

Any complaints are dealt with promptly within the provisions of our Customer Care Policy. They are passed on immediately to the relevant manager, who investigates the issue and responds in good time.



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