Committed to environmental excellence


Walker Profiles has an on-going commitment to sustainability and environmental excellence. This commitment is based on James Walker (Leith) Ltd’s Environmental Policy Statement, which commits the group to ‘operate in a responsible way with concern for the environment and the community within which we operate’.


Greener Products

Under the BFRC (British Fenestration Ratings Council) scheme for rating the energy efficiency of windows our range is rated A to C.

Waste Minimisation and Recycling

We work with Profile 22, Rehau and our waste management contractor, Biffa to minimise our production of waste be it PVC-U off-cuts, cardboard packaging and office stationery.
We recycle 100% of all the timber and PVC-U windows removed during the course of an installation using the services of a local waste recycling contractor. The windows are broken down into their constituent parts - timber, PVC-U, glass and ironmongery fittings - and these are passed on to specialist recycling companies – reducing landfill and saving raw materials.

Energy Conservation

Our facilities are heated using a cost-effective heating system that is thermostatically controlled. It is also on a timed cycle over the weekend period to save extra energy.

Minimising Noise Pollution

Our manufacturing processes do not generate any hazardous or toxic materials. However, we are aware of the potential impact of our operation on the local environment and do what we can to minimise any disturbance to nearby residents.

For example, we have reduced the noise output of our factory dust extraction system by enclosing it in a sound-proof booth. We have also restricted the operating times for the movement of our forklift trucks at weekends.

A Greener Fleet

We employ Vehicle Management Systems in our transport fleet. These monitor the location and movement of all of our vehicles 24 hours per day via satellite tracking. This system offers efficiency benefits as it allows us to monitor fuel usage and to identify the most direct routes between locations. We make the most effective use of our vehicles and reduce fuel and maintenance costs - thus minimising our fleet’s impact on the environment.   

Click to download a copy of our Environmental Policy Statement and Window Range Energy Rating certificate




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