Fully Reversible Windows

These 70mm depth, internally beaded windows, allow easy and safe cleaning in high-rise and inaccessible locations. The window can be completely rotated, without intruding into the room space.

High security locking and child resistant safety catches, combined with excellent weather tightness ensures a quality window of excellence.


Acrylic modified high quality impact resistant white PVC-U extrusion, producing a rigid multi-chambered profile to BS EN 12608 manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001. Reinforcement Specific members are reinforced with galvanised mild steel to BS 7412 sealed within the profile central cavity.




Double-glazing is supplied; using 24mm insulated sealed units depending on thermal or acoustic requirements. Double glazed units made to BS EN 1279. Glazing options to BS 6262 including patterned glass, Georgian bars and leading may be supplied.

Co-extruded beads secure the internal glazing.




The Fully Reversible window meets the classification for weather tightness to BS 6375: part 1, up to the figures shown below.





Air Permiability


Weather Tightness


Wind Resistance



Actual performance will depend on size and style.


Window Operation

   The window can rest in the narrow night ventilation position or with approximately 100mm opening.
   Once the safety catch is released the window can be completely rotated.
   The window rotates without entering the room space.
   The special hinge assembly brings the outside of the window to the inside of the room.
   The fully reversed window engages on a safety catch and allows safe and easy cleaning of the outside pane.


Safeware Hardware – Locking


Security features multi-point mushroom espagnolette, with night vent facility and lockable handles (dependant upon fire egress requirements).



Controllable or permanent ventilators can be fitted into the head of the frame, immediately above the sash, if required. No external canopy is required with this window design.

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