North Lanarkshire Council

UPVC Door/Window Maintenance Works Contract
Period 2000 onward with contract renewal in 2011


This contract is for the provision of the supply, installation and repair of UPVC windows and doors. This incorporates the survey, manufacture and installation of replacement windows and internal finishings and the provision of  a priority coded, 24 hour, reactive maintenance service to maintain the upvc windows and doors in the  Council’s housing stock of 38,000 properties.
The Company manufactures its own products in order to comply fully with the contract specification. These are then installed by our own installation engineers, thus guaranteeing continuity of product and service.

The repair and maintenance service is provided by a team of 10 dedicated mobile engineers operating under the control of our Customer Care Co-ordinator. Each is assigned to a particular region of the Council area and is familiar with the window/door styles and mechanisms in the housing stock in each region. They are thus able to affect most repairs effectively and efficiently at the first time of calling. They are contactable at all times by mobile phone in order to respond immediately to emergency call-out requests within 3 hours.
In addition all vehicles have tracking systems installed to verify their location at all times both for the employees’ own safety and to provide an audit history for the client of the date and time of any repairs where required.   

The performance of the Company in fulfilling this contract was measured by a range of Key Performance Indicators both for completion of work within priority and the quality of said work. The minimum performance threshhold is 95% which we achieved and exceeded consistently throughout the contract period.



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